valley and river Leones


  1. Pichimahuida is a strict nature reserve, not open to public, dedicated to Nature rights and site-specific ecological and wilderness restoration; a Private Protected Area, under negotiation according to art. 97 - 105 of the Law on Biodiversity and Protected Areas (SBAP), more.

  2. This site is a case study of 19 years’ of consolidating ways to help distressed Nature and its land by personal means, more


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2024:      Restoring the link between Nature and its land

and the law that protect them


wetland in valley Leones

The Project does not allow any tourism activity or association, nor commercial use or monetisation of Nature

Society of Ecological Restoration SER

This Project and site shall be not be advertised in any social media, if you see it there - it’s a fraud. It’s unfortunate that the publications about this project in the non-professional mass media have been disrespectful and false, as well as misrepresenting facts.

fabien bourlon CIEP, Université de Grenoble Alpes.

In Conexion Jaguar (restoring the corridor of the puma).


In a valley of private rural properties where the original ecosystem was destroyed by colonisation and further human activities; in the buffer zone of the biosphere reserve “Laguna San Rafael y El Guayaneco“ still registered as such in UNESCO MAB; the core area of the reserve (national park) includes the Northern Patagonian ice field with all its glaciers.

Healing the destroyed nature and its land by extracting it from the exploitation context; managing a large and successful private nature restoration project including a successful native reforestation programme; arranging for its long-term protection, in particular from being affected by the deficit of law enforcement by restoring the rule of law for it and offering it an effective protection by focusing on the rights of living Nature.


Member of:        Eurosite

European network Access to Land

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