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Arnold Heim. A Swiss geologist in the watershed of the lake Buenos Aires / General Carrera”, Spanish, 2009. The publication copied some of the information from the above mentioned book by A. Heim, including photos of Leones valley of 1939 - 1945. It contains photos of the same areas taken in 2009. These comparative photos show no improvement of the natural ecosystem between 1939 and 2009.

Arnold Heim

Leones valley, of the Delta river :

  Short description of the restoration project in SER News

  The Project is referenced in the SER resources database:

  Presentation of the Project at the Chile-California conservation Conference 2017

  CIEP article on forest restoration with some information on the project.

The Project in IUCN CEESP News, March 2020.

Some publications are clearly misinterpreting and falsifying facts re: the project; Algunas publicaciones están claramente malinterpretando y falsificando hechos relacionados con el proyecto : “Dynamiques territoriales des confins touristiques de nature”, CIEP & Université Grenoble Alpes.

Regional history of colonisation, including the  destruction of the ecosystem

of the region:

Deliberate fires of the the first part of XX century and the tragedy of the forest:

De la panacea a la tragedia. Bosques, erosión y forestación en Chile.pdf - Spanish

  Patagonia en llamas.pdf - Spanish

Fire history of Patagonia.pdf - English

  La historia del Bosque templado de Chile_Armesto_1994.pdf - Spanish

La tragedia del bosque chileno - article.pdf - Spanish

La destrucción del bosque nativo en Chile.pdf

  Geographical silences in Aysén.pdf  - Spanish/English abstract

  Degradaciones actuales en ecosistemas nordpatagonicos de Chile, derivadas de los

incendios de bosques durante el siglo pasado - Spanish

Perdida y fragmentacion del bosque nativo en la cuenca del rio Aysén (Patagonia-Chile) durante el siglo XX.pdf - Spanish

  Estado de recuperación del bosque nativo en una cuenca nordpatagónica de Chile,

     perturbada por grandes fuegos acaecidos 50 años atrás (44º-45º S).pdf - Spanish  - Mentions “giant fires”, collapse of the ecosystem,

    and “soil erosion” in Aysen - Spanish;

  Otero, L. 2006. La huella del fuego. Historia de los bosques nativos. Poblamiento y cambios en el paisaje del sur de Chile. Editorial Pehuén. Santiago, Chile.

A.Hoffman 1998

p.149 :”.. the region of Aisen, one of those that has suffered the greatest deforestation in Chile since the Twenties.”

Project at SERE2018, Iceland, 09.2018.

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Arnold Heim, “America del Sur”, with extensive recounts of the expeditions of 1939 and 1945 through the Leones valley. After the expedition of 1939 lake Leones appeared on the maps. The publication contains valuable information on the geology and the ecosystem of the area, with clear indication of its destruction in spring 1939.

The destruction of nature in Latin America was the starting point of the Club of Rome:

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Presentation of the project in July 2022 to Eurosite, “From Land Abandonment to Land Revival”:

Presentación del proyecto en julio de 2022 a Eurosite, “Del abandono de la tierra al renacimiento de la tierra”:

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